Bike Show

The bikes were awesome, and there will be more to see again this year at White Rose Thunder®

In 2012 & 13, White Rose Thunder® had outstanding bike shows, with lots of color and shine.  All attendees enjoyed seeing works of art that arrived on two, or sometimes three, wheels.  SEE PICS below!

In 2014, we will continue our offerings by having an Outdoor/Ride In Bike Show.  We will offer our custom Pewtarex awards and cash prizes for winners.  If your motorcycle is a sight to behold, enter the competition.  And everyone should plan to come see the show!


Here’s a list of our anticipated classes:

Best in Show:

Best Paint:

Custom Touring:

Mild Custom Touring:

Radical Custom: (1 Off)

Manufactured Custom (H-D CVO, Iron horse, Big Dog, Boss HOG, etc):

Mild Custom (Metric):

Mild Custom (American):

Original Stock – American or Metric;

Custom Sport Bikes:

Three Wheeler (Trikes, sidecar, or spider):


Antique (25 Years Old – Mfg 1987 or prior):

Theme/ Best Display in Show:

Handcrafted Parts: (American or Metric)

Best Rigid: (American or Metric)

Judge’s Choice: (American or Metric)




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