Bike Show


In 2014, the bikes were awesome at White Rose Thunder®

In 2012, 2013 & 2014,  White Rose Thunder® had outstanding bike shows, with lots of color and shine.  All attendees enjoyed seeing works of art that arrived on two, or sometimes three, wheels.  SEE PICS below!

In 2014, we will continue our offerings by having an Outdoor/Ride In Bike Show on Saturday.  We will offer our custom Pewtarex awards and cash prizes for winners.  If your motorcycle is a sight to behold, enter the competition.  And everyone should plan to come see the show!

Here’s a list of our 2014 Winners:

Best in Show: Danny Ritchie, 2010 Road Kill Custom

Best Paint: Keith Joes, Boss Hogg Three wheeler

Custom Touring:

Best of Class: Jack Beyer, 2013 HD Street Glide

2nd Best of Class: Patricita Anderson, 05 Black Cherry Bagger

Mild Custom Touring:

Best of Class: Michael PapaJohn, 11 HD Street Glide

2nd Best of Class: Larry Julius, 2006 HD Touring

Radical Custom: (1 Off)

Best of Class: Bob Pringle, 2005 Chopper

2nd Best of Class: Dawn Derr, 2001 HD 1200 Sportster

Manufactured Custom (H-D CVO, Iron horse, Big Dog, Boss HOG, etc):

Best of Class: Bradly Baublitz, 77 Café Racer

Mild Custom (Metric):

Best Of Class: Tye Schwartz, 1983 Suzuki GS 1100E

Mild Custom (American):

Best Of Class: David Kidd, 1999 HD Fat Boy

Original Stock – American or Metric:

Best Of Class: Gene Reeser, 1980 Kawascki 1000 z1r

Custom Sport Bikes:

1st Best Of Class: Robert Pringle, 2006 Kawasaki 1400

Three Wheeler (Trikes, sidecar, or spider):

Best Of Class: John Pickett, 68 Servi Car

Custom Bobber:

Best Of Class: James Yeager, 2014 EVO 1340

2nd Best Of Class: Jennifer O’Farrell, Custom Bobber

Old School Bobber:

Best Of Class: Tom Keefer, 1975 Yamaha x5650

Antique (25 Years Old- Mfg 1989 or prior):

Best Of Class: John Ely, 1967 HD XLH 883

2nd Best Of Class: Sandy Drixel, 1967 Honda 50

Full Nostalgic Custom (Old School, Shovel, Pan, Knuckle, Evo…etc):

Best Of Class: David Kidd, 1985 HD Wide Glide

Bill K., 99 Harley Road King